Tuesday, September 15, 2009

OK Science Museum

We have found a wonderful museum in Oklahoma City, OK - the Science Museum of Oklahoma. It is second to none among those we have seen. Having lived in DC, we think that this place actually rivals some we have seen in the nation's capitol. Bradford is fascinated with becoming an astronaut. Here he is preparing for his uniform.
We miss Nathan and Leah Finn terribly. Our children do as well. Here is Anne picking up the phone and talking. She asked for "Georgia." Georgia Finn is Nathan and Leah's daughter. We really miss them and our friends in North Carolina.
Bradford loves tractors. He loves to climb up and drive the tractor every time we visit the museum. He always tells me that "Papa Frank" let's him drive the tractor in Louisiana.
Bradford loves this little spin machine at the museum. He will spin himself until he becomes quite dizzy.
And not to be outdone - Anne gets into the action!


Mom said...

Great pics, Doug!! Thanks!!

Joanna J. said...

Our Children's Museum has been close for almost two years for renovations...but it is FINALLY re-opening soon and is supposed to be spectacular!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that the kids were able to talk on the phone. Praise the Lord for telephones.


Leah said...

Oh, we miss the Bakers too! Please tell B & A that G & B say hello! The kids look like they had a blast at the museum.