Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We have a ridiculously large amount of puzzles for children. I was discussing this with my mother the other day, and I think it's because we eschew electronic toys. We have play-doh and board games and shape-sorters and trains and cars and legos and blocks and puzzles. Because puzzles are the sort of toy that get old after you do them a few times, we have a million of them. And puzzles are toys that don't need parent's supervision or participation (unlike games and play doh). I think we have about 20 puzzles for Bradford's age, and another 15 or so for Anne's age.

What we call the "puppy puzzle" is a puzzle that Bradford picked out at the store about a year ago. It has 100 pieces, and they are mostly shades of gray, so it's a difficult puzzle for a 4-year-old. The first time we put it together it took longer than I expected! Anyway, we've had it for awhile and Bradford has always required help with it. But after watching him complete a different 100-piece puzzle that was a bit easier, I knew he could do the puppy puzzle if he really wanted to. So I encouraged him to try again by himself.

And he did it!

Here he is, celebrating. Yay, Bradford!


Joanna J. said...

Way to go! He's a smart boy!

Lyndsey said...

Aww what a smartie pants

Mom said...

I'm very impressed!!