Sunday, April 12, 2009

Voices of Liberty

Many years ago when I (Doug) was in college at LSU, Derrick Johnson came to my college church. When I first heard his name, he was introduced as the director of the Voices of Liberty at Epcot Center. Since that time, I have greatly enjoyed this group. They are an a cappella ensemble who sing the Music of America. It was my great delight to hear them three times while at Epcot (many thanks to Nicole and Kelly who allowed me the time to hear them!). Each time they were amazing. The young lady in the light blue dress was one of the finest soprano voices I've ever heard. Her range and agility were absolutely amazing. They sang with excellence, precision, passion, and a depth of professionalism that was inspiring.

The young man pictured to the right is one of the finest bass voices I've ever heard. The group sang Old MacDonald Had a Farm and his range was on full display. These musicians were top level, and I'm grateful that Derrick's legacy continues on with the Voices of Liberty. If you are ever at Epcot, make sure you go and listen to this group.

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