Tuesday, January 06, 2009


While Grace and Brad were playing with the camera, Anne was doing her own thing. Here she is with an incredibly annoying doll that sings "I'm a Little Teapot" very loudly when you push her stomach.

Mimi knows how to keep little girls happy--Anne is playing with an old makeup case here.


Mom said...

Love the pictures!! Wow, all the birthdays AND Christmas??? Talk about overload - yikes!!! : )

Charissa said...

The Mitchells are confused and curious: Who is Mimi? And are you related to Joanna's Grace?

The Baker Family said...

Doug's family is not living, but Fred & Debbie and Frank & Bobbie (two separate families) sort of adopted him when he was a young man. He's known them longer than he knew his parents.

When we were married Bobbie and Debbie were escorted down the aisle as his mothers, Fred officiated, and Frank was the best man.

Joanna is Fred & Debbie's daughter, and Grace is her daughter. We have the kids call all of their kids "aunt" and "uncle."