Thursday, October 02, 2008

Don't Blame Me....

....Blame Doug.

I have had a few posts ready to go that he needs to edit, so they're waiting for you, honey...hint, hint.

To tide you over, here is one of Brad with his new braces.

I asked him to smile, and this is what he gave me. Oh well.

The orthotics come just below his knee, and he's wearing girls' knee socks under and then over them (we're going to a sports store tomorrow to find some soccer socks for kids). We played them up as a big exciting thing for big boys, so he was pretty excited about them, and showed everyone we met his new braces.

Until it came time to climb stairs, and then we realized that they cut into the back of his legs, so it's very difficult for him to climb stairs, get in the van, get in his carseat, climb anywhere, really. He's going to have to learn to do that all over again. We'll see his doctor in church, and he (the doctor) made me promise to talk with him on Sundays if anything at all is wrong, so I'll ask him on Sunday if there is something that can be done about that back.

All in all, they fit well, Brad likes them, and they can be hidden under pants, so it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be.


Kelly L said...

Oh, those don't look bad at all! They look like shin guards. I was picturing forrest gump-braces. Also, how come Doug has to edit your posts?

The Baker Family said...

Doug doesn't usually edit the posts, but these are pictures that he took when he took the kids for a Dad 'n' Brad day--I wasn't there.

Mom said...

I was thinking the same thing, Kel - shin guards from all of your long gone soccer days! Not bad at all. He was SO cute tonight. You tell him Grama likes how his new braces and shoes look. AND - - - - tell him Grama loves him - - - - THIS MUCH!!! - - -

Lyndsey said...

I'm glad they can be hidden under pants. Yet another reason why you need to move back to NY - colder weather so more pants weather! His smile is great! He is the cutest kid ever. Give him a big hug for me

Anonymous said...

I hope Dr. Hatcher can adjust the braces so that they no longer hurt Brad's legs when he climbs, etc. Tell him I think they look great! Maybe we can get together again soon.