Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tweetsie, Part III

Bradford loved Miners Mountain, and he loved this airplane. Along with the Tweetsie Twister (which we rode six times!!) they were his favorite.

Bradford wanted to get on the horse. He then said, "Giddy-up horsie!" He wanted to know why the horse didn't move. A reference is important here. Often just before I give him his bath we ride the horse - that is he sits on my knee and the "horse" starts out slowly. It then stops and he says, "Giddy-up horsie." We then go very fast as I bounce him on my knee. He didn't understand why this horse wouldn't break into a gallop until I told him it was plastic. To which he said, "Yep - I wondered why it wasn't breathing."


Mom said...

Yup - our little one is one smart guy! He amazes his Grama! : )

The Hodges Family said...

That's so cool with him on the horsey.