Monday, July 21, 2008

Tweetsie, Part II

Bradford wanted to ride the sky lift up to Miners Mountain. He was a bit frightened at first, but managed to get on and make the trip. Here is shot when we had just sat down on the lift.

And here you have Mr. Bradford on the lift as we rose up the mountain taking it all in. Of course - notice the fingers. Sorry - I still think that is cute!

The view from the lift - simply breathtaking. It was a gorgeous day and the breeze kept us cool. We were thankful. While we were riding up the lift, Bradford looked over at me and said, "God made the mountains and God made the trees." To which I replied that he was right. He then said, "I'm thankful for the mountains." When he does stuff like this, I simply can't believe it. It always causes me to tear up a bit!

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Anonymous said...

He loves those fingers! LOL He's so sweet.