Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tweetsie, Part I

This was Bradford's first sight of the train, and he was, shall we say, quite excited. He was jumping up and down and wanted to look at the train upclose. He notices every detail; talks about the big wheels; the coal car; the water; the water tower; and the color - "gween" - of the train. And so after months of waiting - we boarded the Tweetsie Railroad Train.
Brad was very excited when we actually got on the train. And here we are about five minutes from pulling out of the station. The conductor had just said, "all aboard!" This was Bradford's reaction caught in real time here.

And here comes the train around the bend after another ride around the mountain. Bradford wanted to watch it time and again.

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Uncle Rick said...

Brad I'm with you trains are sooooo cool I could watch them all day