Saturday, July 12, 2008


I (Doug) recently took Bradford and Anne to one of my favorite cities - Norfolk, VA. At one time a dear friend was stationed there at Naval Station - Norfolk. I always love seeing the big ships on the Elizabeth River. It truly is always an inspiring place for me. I took Bradford and Anne to the Nauticus Museum where the USS Wisconsin is decommissioned and moored for all the world to see.

Whenever we enter a ship or something that looks like a ship, Bradford always wants to climb in the Captain's chair. No sooner had we walked into this area of the museum, Bradford climbed up in the chair and wanted me to take his picture. I told him to smile, and this is what he did. I must say, the older he grows, the funnier my little man becomes.
There was a new exhibit here that simulated the work of an underwater crane. Bradford loved it. He worked and worked with it. He learned to pick up objects as if they were underwater.

Not to be outdone, Anne was eager to get into the act. I continue to be amazed at her. She is absolutely so independent and fearless. As you can see, this little girl was quick to explore while her big brother works "underwater."

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Uncle Rick said...

I have sat in the very same seat on the "Whiskey" as she is known.
It was a mighty ship in her day, many brave men served on the decks that you walked on. Did you know that Grampa and Grama Hannafan met at Naval Air Station Norfolk? You will have to ask Grampa Hannafan nest time you are in Syracuse