Thursday, July 03, 2008

Married Life

When I was in high school, we all had to take a health class. The teacher in my class went on and on about healthy relationships, giving two teachers (who she did not name) as an example of an unhealthy one. Apparently these two married teachers taught at the same school, at lunch together, and did everything outside of work together. My health teacher thought this was abnormal and unhealthy.

While Doug and I don't work together, we do a lot of things together. In fact, rare is the day that we do not speak three or four times on the phone--just checking in with each other.

One of the things I really appreciate about Doug is that he always takes my calls. Even if he's in a meeting and can't talk, he'll step out, just to make sure it's not urgent, and ask if he can call back. And then he does. In fact, I need to be careful not to call him too much (unless I know he is out of the office) because he is in a lot of meetings!

We spend a lot of time talking when he gets home from work, and tend to spend our evenings together as well, and on the weekends, of course, we are all together.

Granted, we don't work together, but I wonder if my health teacher would think this is abnormal. I think it's perfectly normal, and more than that, healthy! I'm not sure you can spend too much time talking or being together in marriage--I think it just makes the marriage stronger. It's funny what we remember from school. :)


The Hodges Family said...

It's a blessing to be married. Praise God for having a great husband, Sister!


Uncle Rick said...

Nicole...It is very important in a marrage to have mommy and daddy time...if only for that quiet time to go over the day's plan and share a cup of coffee or tea and just talk. It makes my heart feel warm to know that no matter what, he takes your are important to him.