Thursday, June 12, 2008


This is the new favorite game, and it's my favorite game now, too. Previously, Brad would take all of the chairs and stools in the kitchen and line them up to make a big train. Then he would pile a whole bunch of whatever he could find (books, magazines, coasters, whatever) on the chairs for "freight," and "drive" the train. Messy to clean up--the new game is nicer.

This new game of trains involves getting into one of two cabinets that the kids can fit into and taking a trip, which involves lots of "whoo-hoos" and "all aboards."

There goes Brad. Have a nice trip!

He told me he was going to the "Baptist Convention in 'Diapolis' with Daddy." Doug was at the Southern Baptist Convention in Indianapolis, IN this week.

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Amanda said...

Hi Bakers! I got to your blog from the Finn's. What cute pics of your kids. Brent and I have been keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers. --Amanda