Monday, June 02, 2008


We had our first 2008 swim lessons today! I signed Brad up for a Mon/Wed parent/child class that runs for two weeks, and then after that he'll have classes by himself Mon-Thurs for two weeks.

We had a blast! The pool at the YMCA is outdoors, and it was lovely. It has been two years since Brad's last swim lessons (when I was pregnant with Anne), and we were able to do them now because Anne can stay in the YMCA daycare while I go with Brad. Brad was slightly reluctant at first, but almost as soon as he got in the water it all came back to him. He started jumping off the side to me, and after a few jumps he started jumping on his own--he'd jump in and go under and pop up laughing. He was definitely the most adventurous kid in the class. The last time we had lessons he refused to use the "noodles." At first he didn't want to do it this time either, but pretty soon he was not only using them, but letting go of them and kicking to me!

He can blow bubbles in the water too, and he cracks me up. The teacher came over and encouraged him to do it, and I could just see Brad's mind working: "Why does this crazy woman want me to spit in the water? Well, she and mommy are making a big deal out of it, so okay, if it makes them happy..." He totally did not see the point, but gamely did it anyway to humor us. I think the point was to accustom the kids to getting their faces wet, but Brad was already completely wet from all the jumping and swimming (by the way, the ENT said it was okay for him to go under the water with his ear tubes--we just have to be careful when we're in the lake or ocean or if he wants to go underwater for long periods of time, which he doesn't).

His teacher said next week the moms will sit on the side of the pool while the kids work with the teacher alone. We'll see how that goes...hopefully he'll be acclimated enough by the end of the two weeks so that he doesn't have a complete meltdown when he discovers that he'll be alone for the next two weeks.

Oh, and he also used the showers at the Y like a champ--they are so handy--it's nice not to have to transport a wet little boy home. I'm really loving the Y. I don't have any pics because I'm in the water, obviously, but maybe when he goes by himself I'll be able to get a few.

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Mom said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Wish I could see him. I was thinking about his ears; hopefully no "swimmer's ear!"