Friday, June 27, 2008

Pullen Park, Part II

But never fear, Brad has found something else to do.

You can see he's wearing sandals and not orthotics for the first time since he was 14 months old. That's a big change for us. We discovered his feet were molding the orthotics rather than the other way around when he told us they were hurting his feet. Since we're going to the spina bifida clinic next month, we decided to buy a cheap pair of sandals and forgo the orthotics for a few weeks. He loves them, but he's not used to feeling sand in his feet, and it drives him crazy!


The Hodges Family said...

What a blessing for him to take a break from the regular shoes. Even in this he gets to experience God (His creation). He's feeling sand on his feet for the 1st time.

Mrs. Zinnada understand, Brad! Sand on your feet (and shoes)is annoying! LOL


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing the future astronaunt learning how to fly!