Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pullen Park, Part I

Per Daddy's request, we visited Pullen Park on Father's Day. This is the park that has the train, and the boat rides, and the carousel, and lots of play spaces. I was taken to this park as a little girl, whenever we came to Raleigh to visit my grandparents. My father was taken to this park when he was a little boy, and now my children come here. I'm not sure that much has changed in 40 years!

But uh-oh. Brad senses there is something amiss.

That's right. The train has been temporarily shut down. I swear he spent a good 10 minutes gazing forlornly at the train. I read later on in the week in the News & Observer that there was a problem with the track and a specialist had to be called in from another part of the state to fix it. Hopefully it will be up and running soon.


Mom said...

Oh my goodness!! That pic makes me want to cry!! I can just imagine how he felt.

Anonymous said...

The train has been fixed and is running again. On June 24, this was in the paper:
"After work on 100 feet of track, including the installation of new oak ties, the train should start running today (June 24) after a two-week hiatus, said Richard Costello, the city's director of lakes and amusements. Total price tag: about $2,500. Brad's photo reminds me so much of Keith's (my son) reaction to waiting for the train!! I think he rode about 1,000 miles on the train and the boats!! Enjoy your next trip to Pullen!Kay

The Hodges Family said...

Oh, Nicole!! This sounds so cool. You've got to give me directions so that we can take our kids.


Uncle Rick said... get your Mom and Dad to bring you to Syracuse next spring and we will take the train from Syracuse to Marathon for the Maple Syrup Festival