Thursday, June 05, 2008

Medical Updates

This will probably be a long post, so bear with me.

Good news all around, praise God! The fluid in his spine has decreased since his last MRI, which is a very good thing. And it looks as though his spinal cord ends where it should, which is a VERY good thing--no risk of paralysis. The renal ultrasound was normal. His next appointment is with the spina bifida clinic at the end of July, where he'll meet with the urologist, neurosurgeon, and orthopedist.

I had an appointment with a new neurologist today. He was wonderful. First of all, he says that my MRI scan does not look pathological (I almost laughed when he said this--I usually hear "pathological" in use with "liar" and thought it was good that I had a well-behaved brain....I know I'm odd...anyway). He said that when people are diagnosed with MS they usually come in complaining of blurred vision and nerve problems. He is not ruling MS out, but he wants to test for a bunch of different things first.

First of all, I may have to fire my primary care physician (Dr. H). The neurologist (Dr. B) said that my thyroid levels in January were elevated. I asked him what the number was and he told me. It was high. Dr. H had told me in January that they were fine. But the number in January was higher than the number last August, when I was first diagnosed. That should have been a BIG clue to Dr. H--if my thyroid was higher in January my medications should have been adjusted. They weren't.

Dr. B took blood and is testing my TSH levels, B12 levels, Vitamin D levels, for Lyme disease, and some other stuff. I have to assume my TSH levels will come back elevated, and that my meds will be adjusted. It should take care of some of the problems.

However, some of the stuff, like the memory/processing issues, suggest to Dr. B that I could be chronically sleep-deprived. He wants a copy of the sleep study report (I have an appointment on Wed. to discuss with the ENT, but Dr. B. says that ENTs don't look for the same things he would look for).

Ideally, the sleep study and TSH levels would combine to indicate something that is not MS, something easily treatable. However, if they don't then we're back to the MS and looking at a spinal tap. Either way, I already have a follow up appointment and I'm confident that we'll have a diagnosis soon. I really like Dr. B--he's older, maybe in his late 50's, and he was like a big teddy bear, yet confidence-inspiring. He seems very thorough.

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Thanks for sharing. I'm praying for you Sister.