Monday, June 23, 2008

Kids and Church

Doug took Brad to church last night while Anne and I stayed home. They arrived at the same time our pastor, Andy Davis did, and when Brad saw him in the parking lot he ran into his arms, shouting "Dr. Davis! Dr. Davis!" Andy picked him up and carried him into church!!

Doug and Brad went to sit in the sanctuary, and after awhile Andy joined them. When Brad saw him come in, he said, "You preach!" Andy laughed and said, yes, I do.

Brad came home and told me all about this, including the pen that Dr. Davis had given him (he's carrying it around even now). I told Brad he could use the pen to draw a picture of Dr. Davis preaching when he sits in the big service with us and worships. Brad thought about that and said, "Yes. But if I get squirrely, I can go to the nursery." ?! I looked at Doug, and he looked at me, and we both said, "Did you teach him that word?" I have no idea where he learned the word "squirrely" and he's obviously using it in context! I just about died laughing--he was so serious when he was telling me that! This kid cracks me up.

I'm so thankful he's so willing to give hugs to people, and that he bonds so easily with great men in our church, like Dr. Davis and Dr. Hatcher (who took him and Doug fishing on Friday, by the way--Brad caught six fish (!) and threw them all back). And I'm thankful for these men, who don't mind spending time with a three year old! I can think of at least one previous pastor I've had who would never pick up a child and carry him into church--he would have been too busy and important for that--but Dr. Davis truly has that pastor's heart. We are really blessed to be part of our church.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful minister who understands that Jesus said the children were important. I use the word "squirely" but I didn't think I'd used it around Brad!
He's such a smart boy!
Miss Kay

The Hodges Family said...

That's too precious! I'm sure Pastor was very touched by Jacob. I love our pastor's heart. He's truly a man of God.