Monday, June 23, 2008

A Kid in a Candy Store

I miss the Washington Post. There, I said it. The only thing I miss about Washington is the Sunday WP. We had it delivered, and every Sunday after church I would devour it while Doug watched Fox News and Meet the Press (yes, we're very boring). The writing was excellent, the stories were interesting, and it was always informative.

Then we moved to NC. I emailed the Post to give them my new address, and received a reply confirming my cancellation--they don't deliver outside of the DC area! I was NOT happy, but decided to give the News & Observer a try.'s not as bad as the Post Standard (the paper I grew up with in Syracuse, NY), but it's pretty close. The writing is almost painful to read, the stories are poorly delivered, and every time I find myself reading anything remotely interesting and/or well-written, I know that if I look at the byline it will be something from the Times or the Journal or the AP. I have been complaining long and loud to my poor husband about the sad state of the local paper!

So I finally found this deal for Sunday delivery of the New York Times (can you believe the WP does not deliver outside of Washington?!?!) for half off the regular price for 12 weeks (after 12 weeks we'll just have to go to the grocery store and buy it, 'cause home delivery is expensive!).

Oh. My. Goodness. Sunday after church we ate lunch, the kids were put down for naps, and I settled in my armchair with the paper. As I perused the sections, headlines from each caught my eye-- "The New Trophy Home," "For a Good Retirement...", "Decline in Buying Power of Food Stamps..." Not to mention the NYT Magazine and the lovely columns therein (my favorite is The Ethicist). I just sat there going from one section to the other--as soon as I would decide that yes, I would definitely start with the Business section, I'd read another intriguing headline and be tempted to start with the Style section. I felt like a kid in a candy store--each headline, each story, each section was better than the last and I could not determine where to start!

I finally decided to start with the Magazine and slowly savor the paper over the course of the week. After six months of nothing but the N&O, I feel refreshed and invigorated to be reading something worth reading on Sunday afternoons! I'll still buy the N&O, but only for the coupons. I'll tell you--it's definitely the simple things in life.


The Hodges Family said...

I'm glad that you found something. I thought NC's newspaper was a bit different from home's too. We were use to seeing the newspaper loaded with coupons. It was just one skinny book of coupons in NC's paper! LOL

Well, at least we have a good church home, right? LOL


Lyndsey said...

The Post Standard is a good paper! And you can read the NY Times for free online. I always start with the Style Section (weddings and vows)

The Baker Family said...

The Post Standard is awful! It must be written on a second grade reading level!!

It's much nicer to read it all in print. I'm so old-fashioned.

Charissa said...

I'm old fashioned and like to read in print too. You should read the Wall Street Journal, if only for the editorial page. A year is $90 right now.