Thursday, June 05, 2008


Okay, go read this list.


I just about died laughing. Doug recently bought an MP3 player for the sole purpose of downloading sermons. He has purchased way too many copies of the same books to hand out to people. We are an ESV household. We have three times as many Bibles as people in our home. We both sing different words to hymns. Just yesterday Brad handed me our copy of "Morning and Evening" and asked what "Mr. Spurgeon" had to say. (!)

And we all know that Doug is totally going to be reading The Bondage of the Will to Brad before kindergarten.

As I was typing this to post it, Doug said, "But that's not me--don't post that!" So I read him the list, one by one, and after about the eighth item he stopped saying, "Yes, but..." and went back to reading Piper.

Ummm....okay. The man with a son who can answer the first 10 questions to the Westminster Shorter Catechism thinks this doesn't apply. Sure. You just keep telling yourself that, honey. :)


Lyndsey said...

Doug I wish you could come with Nicole at the end of the month. We'll miss having you!

Charles said...

Doug, brother -- do I need to come down there to NC and school you on marriage? Have you not yet learned not to argue in cases such as this? Come now. We are every bit as nerdy as they say we are! ;-)

Leah said...

I read some of the list to Nathan last night--and we both recognized some things that could be 'checked off'! What a hilarious list, and I think Doug and Nathan are in good company together on this:-)