Friday, June 13, 2008

A Godly Woman

The kids and I went over to the Hodges' home today for a play date--our first time together. Things were going well until Brad started throwing fits, and I could not get him to obey me. We ended up leaving early, and leaving Zinnada with a mess to clean up.

I called her from the car on the way home to apologize again for my son's behavior, and do you know what? She knew exactly what I was thinking--that I was embarrassed that he acted that way in front of other people, and that I was worried she would think I was a terrible mother.

Before I could even say anything, she told me that she was not judging me and that sometimes children are like that. She told me that as soon as I left she started praying for me....Zinnada, you really blessed me today with that phone call. It is such a blessing to have a sister in Christ that understands the struggles of raising children for the glory of God, and sympathizes instead of judges, that offers prayers and kind words. Zinnada did not minimize Brad's behavior by saying, "it's okay,"--I could see even before we left that she was troubled by it--which I also appreciated. It's not okay, and I needed those prayers!

Our pastor preached a sermon this past Sunday from Isaiah, and in the sermon he rebuked all of us for engaging in a culture of schadenfreude. I was really convicted by that, but Zinnada is not like that at all. During our phone call I was reminded of Pastor Davis' sermon and how Zinnada was just the opposite--she was building me up and praying for me even before I called!

Zinnada, you are a godly woman and a wonderful sister in Christ--thank you so much for letting us visit today!

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The Hodges Family said...

Ditto, Sister! You are such a godly woman as well. Your strength is such a testimony to me. We're in this parenting race together.