Monday, May 19, 2008


Okay, I know. I've been terrible about updating. But Brad has NOT been feeling well. Last night was the worst so far--I basically gave him pain meds every two hours. I don't know what tonight will be like, but at least he's in his own bed for the first time since the surgery.

Today was pretty bad, too. He doesn't tell me when he's hurting, so I watch for the signs. He'll get very quiet and stop eating or drinking. Then he'll stop talking. Then, if I don't catch it in time, he'll suddenly put his hands over his mouth and start crying. That happened once, and since then I've doped him up when he stops talking. Day 5 and 6 post-surgery are supposed to be the worst, so hopefully if we get through tonight and tomorrow everything will be better.

I'll tell you what, though: After five days of alternating between Cinderella and Peter Pan, I've hidden the DVDs. I can't take any more chirrupy Disney songs, and I'm tired of the TV being on. I can't stand all that background noise. I'm REALLY hopeful that tomorrow he'll be a little stronger so we can get back to our routine--I miss the YMCA. I guess if he's not it will be time to break out the construction paper and finger paint (outside, of course!).

Last night was Mom's last night here (email me some pics, Mom!), so I broke out our grill for the first time. The homeowners before us left it here, and it's really nice! It's connected directly to the gas line to the house, and it has an extra burner to the side, as you can see. I cooked red potatoes and carrots in the skillet, and steak on the grill. It was so much fun--I'll definitely be grilling more dinners this summer.

Ever since the Louisiana candle episode (when Brad decided it would be a good idea to touch a flame on Easter Sunday, and got burned), he has been very concerned about being burned again. Here he is, with "my suitcase" (he has stocked it up with blocks and books), standing as far away as possible from the grill. I told him it was hot, and after he heard that he wouldn't even walk in front of the chair--he walked behind it, away from the grill, to get back in the house...At least he knows not to touch hot things anymore!


Lyndsey said...

awwwwwww he is the cutest! poor baby. i miss him so much

Anonymous said...

Our family is praying for your family. I'm glad Brad is feeling better. I remember the days when Keith would not tell me he was hurting and all I could do was watch for signs. I guess that's why moms are such mind readers -- we learn their signals early!
May God give you a good night of rest and a day that you can "go somewhere."
Kay Bissette (BSC)