Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tonsils, Adenoids, Ear Tubes

Our baby had his surgery today. He was so pitiful afterwards--the nurses let me get in bed with him in the recovery room. I just held him for awhile, and we finally convinced him to take a sip of apple juice (they wouldn't let him go until he drank something). He was so drowsy and droopy in the car, and when we got home I told him he could watch TV (we usually only watch a TV/movies when we're driving in the car to see Grandma, which is maybe twice a year--see my previous posts on the evils of TV-watching for kids. My children do not watch TV, and I don't draw a distinction between TV and movies. Check out this book--very insightful on the dangers of TV watching for kids).

He was pretty pleased about that and laid down with me on the couch and refused to drink or eat anything. I think I fell asleep (hey, we got up really early!), and the next thing I knew Cinderella's stepsisters were arguing over a shoe and Brad was asking for a popsicle. He was suddenly Mr. Happy and ate three popsicles in a row while I read him Mr. Brown Can Moo over and over again. As I was putting him down for his nap, he asked if we could "go somewhere" after his nap. --that's his favorite thing, by the way, to "go somewhere," it doesn't matter where, just "somewhere"-- Then he said he wanted to go to Pullen Park and ride the trains! I don't know how he'll feel after his nap (the doctors gave us a huge bottle of pain meds for him), but for now he's handling this really well.

His ENT said that there was so much tissue in his throat it was "almost unbelieveable" and that there was so much fluid in his ears it had solidified into a jelly-jello-like mass. Yuck. He again promised us the world--Brad should hear better, sleep better, behave better (again, we'll see!). Brad keeps telling me that he doesn't have tonsils anymore, and opening his mouth to show me. He likes to go down the list: "Daddy doesn't have his tonsils, and Grandma doesn't have her tonsils, and I don't have any tonsils, but Mommy has her tonsils. And Anne. 'Cause she's too little." :)

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