Monday, May 26, 2008


I think one of the best things about our move to NC has been the blessing of time. When we lived in DC, our commutes were horrid. They were horrid for two reasons: the first is the sheer number of people on the road (or Metro) every day, and the second is that no one except those with extremely well paying jobs can afford to live close to their offices. My commute was an hour and fifteen minutes, and Doug's was an hour. One way.

Here in NC, not only are there fewer people on the road, but we can actually afford to live quite close to Doug's office. It takes about 7-10 minutes to get from our door to his parking spot. Which means that he can see the kids in the morning and take time for a wrestling match with Brad, and he can come home for a family dinner at 5:30pm every night, and spend time with the kids until bedtime, which can be a decent hour. So many families in big cities like DC end up putting their kids to bed at 9pm or later just so the parents can see the kids. We have always put our kids to bed at 7pm, even if it meant a little less time with them in the evenings--sleep is just too important to mess around with (see Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child--the best sleep book ever). Here we can have a family dinner, devotions, play time, baths, books, and bed by 7:30 at a leisurely pace (I'm working on getting Anne to stay up until 7:30 and Brad until 8pm, and I'm not going to push those times any later for many years**).

AND, if we want to stop in and say hi to Daddy during the day, we can do that! In fact, sometimes we drive by Daddy's office on errands and Brad asks to stop in. Doug can jump out and say hi, or we can go in and let Anne charm the staff with that dimple of hers. It is such a treat for the kids (and me!) to be able to pop in and say hi and get a quick hug.

Finally, it means less time in the car and more time for Doug and I. With the kids down by 7:30 or 8pm, we have lots of Doug 'n' Nicole time, which I really like!

I'm telling you, the longer we're here, the happier I am, and the harder it will be to get me to leave! :)

**Speaking of sleep, since Brad's tonsil/adenoids/ear tube surgery he has slept like a rock. First of all, he's silent when he sleeps, and for the first time since he was a baby I've had to go into his room and check to see if he is breathing! And second of all, I think he's getting better sleep and sleeping more soundly. He sleeps a bit later in the morning, and some mornings sleeps until 8am (he's usually up around 7:30). Sometimes that means 12.5 hours of sleep at night, in addition to his regular 2 hour nap. That surgery did wonders for him.

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The Hodges Family said...

I'm glad that you are here too! I mean we "home-girls" need to stick together, right?! LOL