Saturday, May 24, 2008


Yes, that's Brad wearing Thomas pajamas after all my posts about marketing to children. So far, we've avoided the whole "Thomas" thing by buying him generic trains, taking him to real steam trains, and encouraging an interest in how trains work. And believe me, this kid is interested in trains--every time we go up or down the stairs, he tells me that he is the steam engine, and Anne is the coal car, and I am the freight car. And we all go down (or up) the stairs in that order!

But we forgot to take into account one thing: grandparents. Specifically, Grandma. She is the culprit here, and now Brad wears these pajamas to bed whenever they're clean, which is pretty much every night. And many kind people at Doug's office and our church have given Brad Thomas books which he reads over and over least he doesn't know about the existence of Thomas videos--then we'd really be in trouble!


Anonymous said...

Did you know that the original Thomas stories were written by a Pastor for his son? And they lived in England? And his coach is named Annie?
Hopefully Brad won't link the Thomas on my computer to a Thomas video any time soon.
Thanks for posting such a cute picture of both your kids!
Kay (BSC)

The Baker Family said...

I saw that they are all written by the "Rev." someone, and I must admit, the English accent is charming!

Brad is still asking when he can go see "my friend Miss Kay"!