Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Picture taking

When Brad was first born, I used a film camera to take pictures and soon discovered that I was at a disadvantage because I couldn't tell which pictures were worth printing--I had to order the whole roll, which was expensive (because film is more expensive to print than digital, and because of all the awful pictures) and wasteful.

I quickly switched to digital (Doug bought a very nice digital camera before we were married, and it's sort of become mine now....don't tell him that!). Having a digital camera is great because you can take all the pictures you want and discard the ones that are bad without having to order them. But if you don't get organized you can get overwhelmed.

Every week or so I download all the pictures on the camera to my computer. Then I look through them and select the ones that I'd like to keep. I probably keep less than half of what I actually take. I then move those pictures into folders sorted by month. So under the "Photos" folder in my computer I have a subfolder titled "2008" and within that one titled "0805" (May 2008). I have folders like this going back to 2005. Then, every other month, I upload the pictures in the folders to snapfish.com, where I order prints. At $.09 per print, it's pretty cheap.

Now, if you actually stay on top of this and order prints every two months, you'll be fine--you can get them and slide all 50 or so into your photo albums while watching your favorite TV show. Two months' is a nice balance--any more often and you're paying more in shipping than you need too, and any longer and it takes forever to file the photos away. Since Brad was born I've filled five photo albums with 200 pictures each and an additional four albums of 600 pictures each...I'll let you do the math. (Yes, I take too many pictures, I know!) By the way, if you're wondering why I don't just get a CD, it's because you can't pull a CD of pictures down from the shelf and thumb through them with your kids (or as a kid, as my sister and I used to do, and laugh at all the funny clothes together). It's just nice to have them all printed out, if for nothing other than posterity.

But if you happen to move at the end of the year and stop ordering prints because you're busy with other things and end up having to order six months' of prints at the same time, you'll find yourself thankful that you ONLY took 283 pictures worth printing, because you were so busy moving. And then you remember that the pictures you ordered right before the move haven't been put in photo albums yet, and your picture taking during those months was especially prolific, and you estimate that you have about 500 pictures to label and file. And then you decide order some really long movies from Netflix...


Terri said...

Hey Nicole - I feel your pain - I think I take more pictures, and don't print them as often. Except mine are in a box waiting to be scrap booked I think about 2400 of them - I just finished up July 2005, have started a Christmas Book and am getting ready to make teacher gifts with pictures from the boys plays - Ah the love of photography (and our children!!)

The Baker Family said...

2400 in boxes!!!! Oh, Terri--how will you find the time?! That's why I don't scrapbook--if I did, mind would still be in boxes, too. I just throw them in the albums! :)