Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Medical Updates

One of the nice things about being home with the kids is that I can schedule doctor's appointments with impunity. In the last four weeks, we've had eleven--yes, 11!--appointments. I'm coming to believe that one of the reasons God moved us down here was for Brad and I to have easy access to top medical care.

Brad had an appointment with his new neurosurgeon today, and I am so thrilled about this practice. It's at Duke Hospital and Dr. Grant was recommended by our doctor at Johns Hopkins. First of all, they had a train table in the waiting room, which was thrilling to Brad. And Dr. Grant was wonderful with Brad, and told me about something that the previous doctors had not told me--Brad has a syrinx in his spinal cord, which needs to be watched very carefully, to be sure more fluid doesn't develop. Right now it's stable, and it needs to stay that way. So he's having his next MRI on May 28th at 8am to check for any changes. They will be doing his brain as well (last year it was just his spine).

But what's even better than this (aside from the parking, which was easy to access and only $2--nothing like the nightmare that was Johns Hopkins), is that this clinic has a special spina bifida clinic that Brad will go to after his MRI. We'll be able to see a neurologist, urologist, and an orthopaedist all together! Previously his care was managed by individual doctors, and the only coordination that was done was what I managed to do. Now they'll all be able to talk amongst themselves and have fast and accurate access to the same medical records. I'm so pleased and grateful for this.

Anne also had an appointment today--she has had a green nose for over a month, and has been on antibiotics for the same period. So she got a new (and hopefully, stronger) medicine today. But she's in very good spirits!

As for me--I'm not sure what to say. I'm having a lot of different symptoms and was actually at the ER on Mother's Day because I was in a lot of pain. From what I've read, if you do have MS, it's best to stay active, so I've been going to the YMCA every day with the kids to work out (which they love!). But as I said, every morning I wake up in pain and I get more and more tired as the day goes on. My ability to speak coherently seems to get worse as the day goes on, and I am so tired of people asking me to repeat myself! By the end of each day I'm usually exhausted and have a terrible headache. So I'm getting an appointment with a different neurologist for a second opinion.

All the medical issues aside, I'm so grateful for this season of my life. Grateful for our beautiful home, grateful for access to good medical care, grateful to my wonderful husband for providing so well for our family. God's providence is truly good.

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Anonymous said...

I am praying for you as you learn to manage a chronic disease and that the doctors will give you good guidance, advice, and direction. I am also praying that the pain goes away!!

I am enjoying reading about your children. Brad is delightful!! And I look forward to getting to know Anne.

I hope everything goes well with his surgery tomorrow.

God bless,
Kay (the "lady with Thomas on her computer")