Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Brad is recovering well from the tonsil/adenoid/ear tube surgery--last night he only woke up once at 4am for more pain meds, and that was about 10 hours after his last dose. I'm guessing he won't wake up at all tonight.

Which is good, because I need my sleep! I don't know why, but I'm been having a terrible time falling and staying asleep. And in the morning I wake up in a lot of pain. It doesn't leave me in real great shape to care for the kids in the morning. Please pray that I would be able to get some rest tonight.

But more importantly, please pray for Brad. I just received a phone call from his new neurosurgeon at Duke. They are adding a renal ultrasound onto the schedule after his MRI next week. And the surgeon wanted to let me know he had reviewed the previous MRIs and determined that Brad has an extra vertebrae at the bottom of his spine (it REALLY burns me that his previous neurosurgeon didn't mention this). Apparently, neurosurgeons have a way of counting the vertebrae so that they can say that Brad's spinal cord ends at vertebrae #whatever. Well, because of the extra vertebrae, the count is off, and they can't determine if Brad's spinal cord is too long.

When I asked what that meant, the surgeon said that it could cause paralysis. Given Brad's other issues (the fluid in his spinal cord, the possible incontinence, the orthotics, and delayed gross motor skills), it is a possibility. They're not going to do surgery just to find out for sure. What they will do is keep a close eye on him and rely on reports from us. If there are changes, then he will have additional surgery.

I hate this. On so many levels. I'm really steamed that the previous neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins mentioned NOTHING of this--when our current neurosurgeon talked with me, he assumed I knew. I'm not happy that Brad wasn't followed more closely from the beginning.

I'm so happy and so grateful that he will be followed closely now, by a team of specialists working together.

I've posted previously that God is gracious--he sent us here to NC for a reason, and I think it wasn't just to further Doug's career--it was so that Brad and I could have excellent medical care.

But he also sent us here so that we could be part of a wonderful church. FBC Durham is the best church I've been a member of. We've had three different women bring us meals this week (Doug was out of town, and as you know, we haven't been doing well physically). Each one of them was so gracious and so kind--that is how this church is. And the sermons. The sermons. They are SO good. This is exactly the church we need to be a part of right now. We even volunteered our home for a Home Fellowship gathering next fall and spring (on Sunday nights, a few couples gather at homes around the Triangle area for fellowship) so that we can minister to others. Anyway, all that to say, praise God, and please pray for us.

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