Friday, May 30, 2008

First Results

I spoke briefly with the doctor after my testing today. It seems that I do show some impairment in memory, fine motor skills, and one other area which I've since forgotten. She's forwarding a copy of the report to my doctors and to me (I knew I wouldn't be able to remember everything!).

After typing in some of the key words she gave me into Google, I came across this article. If you read the second paragraph, aside from blurry vision and the age, this woman could be me. I wasn't fired for my job performance, but my performance was definitely affected--I was not performing at my usual high standard. I also have trouble with working memory and cognitive fatigue (read those paragraphs in the article as well).

Not exactly encouraging news. But I have an appointment with the neurologist on Thursday, so hopefully I'll have more answers after that, seeing as how he'll have all of the relevant information available.

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The Hodges Family said...

I'll be praying! Be encouraged, my Sister.