Monday, April 07, 2008

Easter Hunt, part III

Brad checks out what Anne has.

Papa Frank helps with those hard-to-open eggs.

Nana supervises Anne.

There go the ears! This was pretty funny, actually. Brad wasn't quite sure what to do with the bunny--we had to encourage him to take a bite...but he got the hang of it very quickly!


Mom said...

I cannot wait to get to NC and ply my grandchildren with cookies and candy. I guess I'll be a bakin' fool and introduce them to my favorite, M&M's!! : ) : )


The Baker Family said...

Please note:

Prior to entering The Baker Family Home ("HOME") guests, including grandmothers, ("GUEST") will be required to sign a binding agreement, to which both parties, HOME and GUEST stipulate:

1. GUEST will surrender all chocolate, (including, but not limited to the varieties of semi-sweet, dark, milk, and white), cookies (defined as: baked, fried or boiled edibles containing flour OR sugar OR eggs), and candy (defined as: anything edible at all) prior to entering HOME.

2. GUEST will make no attempt to purchase additional edibles.

3. GUEST will at NO TIME attempt to, or actually, feed minors any chocolate, cookies, or candy (as defined above).

4. HOME will keep surrendered items in an undisclosed location.

5. Surrendered items may or may not be returned to GUEST upon departure.

Thank you, and please enjoy your visit.

Visiting Grandmother said...

You're killin' me here!!!

I'll be on vacation, which means no writing of any kind, no major thinking, only playing and having fun with grandchildren, nothing real taxing for the ol' Grama.

Oh, and, don't forget, I'm the best chocolate hider. : )