Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It's official: the bagels are an unqualified success! They are the best bagels I've ever eaten, hands down.

I discovered the special process of cooking them that I'm now going to apply to my pretzels. My pretzels were so-so--they were a little hard and not very tasty. But I now know I skipped a very important part of the pretzel-making process, so tomorrow I'll make pretzels again and see how they turn out this time. Here's a picture of the lovely bagels:

I just made plain ones to start with, but you can top them with anything you want--or add ingredients to the mix (blueberry, raisins, etc.).

So what's the big special process, you ask? Boiling. That's right--before they go in the oven the bagels need to be placed in boiling water for 30 seconds on each side. Then they get baked for roughly 25 minutes. The boiling gives them the thick crust on the outside and the soft, chewy inside. That's where I went wrong with my pretzels--I just baked them and they came out rather hard. Next time I'll boil them first and I bet they'll be just yummy!

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Mom said...

Wow, Coley! They look great! I think you need to Overnight some bagels to Grama! : )