Thursday, March 13, 2008

USS North Carolina, First Presbyterian, and Moore's National Battlefield

My friends at the US Naval Academy would have enjoyed this bit of history as would have my "Dad" Frank Walker. I told Bradford that "Papa Frank" was in the Navy, and he asked me if he was on this ship. The USS North Carolina is beautiful, and you almost feel as if an old sailor is going to come out from behind one of the doors and talk with you about the battle of Midway. Bradford and I enjoyed talking about the Captains of this wonderful Naval vessel. I also thought of my friend, Dan Broadhurst, who is at sea on the USS Nimitz at this very moment.
Here is another shot of the beautiful First Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, NC. I closed my eyes again and thought I was in Oxford, England.
The beautiful steeple looks like a transplant from New College, Oxford. How I would have enjoyed worshiping with this congregation many years ago.
I (Doug) took this photo of this beautiful church cornerstone. Someday, I hope to go inside and see the beautiful windows. On our way home we stopped at the Moore's Battlefield National Park - the site of a Revolutionary War battle. I put the children in the stroller, and we went for a walk around the beautiful trail. You can see it below. Again - Josh Trent would have loved this!

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