Thursday, March 13, 2008

President Wilson, Joshua Trent, and First Baptist Church

We enjoyed seeing beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina, but as I (Doug) walked around its beautiful streets I really missed my friend, Joshua Trent. Josh and Lindsey are in England at the moment where he is doing graduate work - or as the Brits say "reading political science and philosophy." Josh is my buddy who loves history, tradition, theology, political theory, and the American Presidency. When we get together, it is always fun, and I could not help but think that he and I would have truly enjoyed being together on this day. I really missed him today because Wilmington looked so much like England.

President Wilson was a Reformed Presbyterian early in his life, and this sign was quite a surprise to me. The First Presbyterian Church is absolutely beautiful. It looks as if a bit of Oxford dropped down in North Carolina. I really enjoyed taking a few pictures on this beautiful day.
This is the beautiful and historic First Baptist Church of Wilmington. This is still a vibrant congregation, and I am grateful for its history. It roots go back to the 1600's, but this building was not erected until 1808. Truly, a beautiful church building.

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Your favorite mother-in-law said...

These are absolutely beautiful pictures, Doug. It looks like you had a fantastic time. I cannot wait to visit!! Hugs!!