Friday, March 14, 2008

More weekend pics

Brad had a great time exploring the ship.

Here is is, saluting. How cute is that?

And here he is, with the deck gun. Don't worry, it's not loaded.

I'm not sure where on the ship this is, but he's pretty happy about it, whatever it is!


Mom said...

I LOVE this last picture - he is SO cute, Coley!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nicole, Doug, and Kids,

Betty and Nicki were over to our house for supper this evening, and we went to hear an Easter musical program at a friend's church. After that, we came back and they showed us your site with all of the kids' pictures. Wow, they are growing fast.

It's been so long since we last saw you all, and we didn't know you had already moved to N. C. We had hoped to see you all before you moved. We hope you are settled there and like the area; we think N. C. is a great place.

If you ever get back up this way, please come visit; you are always welcome here, and we almost always have extra rooms always available. Please feel free to come stay here.

If you get a chance, we'd love to hear from you all. You can get us at (301) 490-0448 or at


We wish you all God's best blessings, and pray all is going well with you. Come visit anytime.

Lots of Love,

David and Maggie