Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bradford Douglas Baker and the USS North Carolina

Bradford told me (Doug) that he wanted to open the door, and sure enough - he did just that. That door is fairly heavy, and my little man pulled it open.
Bradford and I went up to the bridge where I told him the Captain would sit and direct the ship. Brad wanted to sit in the Captain's chair, and I asked him one day if he wanted to be an Admiral in the Navy, and this was the look I received. I'm not sure he knew what an "Admiral" was at this point in his life, but we talked about it briefly.
And here is my little Midshipman "at the wheel" of the USS North Carolina. I wonder what some of the sailors who led that ship into battle would think of little Bradford at the wheel decades after the ship was de-commissioned. Somehow, I think they would be very proud of their service and honored that a little boy was pretending to drive the ship many years after this vessel encountered some of America's greatest enemies at sea.

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