Wednesday, February 13, 2008


On Sunday Doug and I joined FBC Durham, a wonderful church, and the church where Andy Davis is the pastor! We're very excited about this church, and very encouraged by Andy's preaching. He has memorized almost the entire Bible (it may be the entire thing by now), and it is such a privilege to hear him preach.

We all dressed up in our Sunday best and I left Sunday school a few minutes early to go get the kids so they could join us in the service (all the new members stand up in front of the church and say their names--there were about 35 of us). When I arrived at the nursery, I couldn't see Anne. Usually she rushes right over to me. But I couldn't find her anywhere--until one of the nursery workers pointed her out. She was sound asleep in the crib, which was right in the room, with all the kids being noisy and the lights on! They told me she had crawled over to her blanket and laid down it, so they picked her up and put her in the crib, where she promptly stuck her thumb in her mouth and fell asleep! So I left her alone and Brad joined us. You can tell in the picture above, taken before church, that she was sleepy even then.


Mom said...

Nice pic, Coley Q - you look great!

Lyndsey said...

what do they look like, what do they look like....perhaps tomorrow you can post in honor of my offical ESQness?? i think Brad would agree that that would be an appropriate way to honor the occasion.

Lyndsey said...

PS Mom found the cutest picture of us. I think we're like 2 and 4. I'm hugging you and you're hugging me while we're watching tv. awwwww too bad i have to pay you to hug me now