Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Water Tower Debacle of '07

Brad has asked for a water tower for his train set for months now (see a previous post a few weeks ago). So I finally ordered one from Amazon, thinking, I'll get free two-day shipping and we'll get it by Wednesday, in plenty of time for Christmas. Fast forward to last night. When I opened the Amazon box, I discovered that they had sent the wrong water tower!

Brad has wooden train pieces, so I thought I was ordering this one. But Amazon sent me this one, which doesn't work because it has a plastic track and won't work with the wooden tracks. When I went back online to make sure that I had ordered the right one, I discovered this is what I had ordered--you can see that while Amazon has a picture of the right tower, the title matches the wrong one. Oops on Amazon's part. Still, I thought, not a big deal, I'll just order the right one and have it shipped to Grandma's house. There is plenty of time.

Not exactly. At this late date, the water tower won't ship before Christmas because Amazon sells it through a third-party. And even usually-helpful Google couldn't help me find one that would arrive before Christmas for less than $50. Wonderful.

So I called every single Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, and Barnes & Noble in the greater Annapolis/Washington, DC/Syracuse area. Only to be told, "it's out of stock," or, "we have it, let me go get it....oh, I couldn't find it, I guess the computer is wrong," and, "we have two, but they've been damaged..."how damaged?"..."they're crushed." Finally, finally, I found a B&N on Rockville Pike that had ONE left, that was in stock and intact. After spending 30 minutes in traffic to drive 4.9 miles during my lunch hour, braving the holiday parking madness, and traveling back to the office, I am pleased to report that I have secured a water tower! Christmas can begin.

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Mom said...

Oh,Coley, welcome to being a parent and wanting to get that ONE special present. Such memories it brought back, reading your post.