Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Move

We're officially in North Carolina! The move went shockingly well. If you have known us for awhile, you know that our last two moves have been horrendous. Just awful. This is the first move that didn't end with the movers presenting us with a bill twice the original estimate. For anyone interested, the moving company is Town and Country Movers. I found them on, as one of the few recommended companies. They were the cheapest of the estimates, and they did a great job. I highly recommend them.

Thursday they came and packed everything up. Yesterday they loaded everything on their truck, and Doug and the kids and cats and I drove down to NC and spent the night in a hotel. Today they arrived at 10:30am (they had left MD at 4am!) and unloaded. Then they unpacked and removed all of the boxes and debris. They just put everything on the floor, so the whole house is a royal mess. I unpacked most of the kitchen, so that's about 75% complete, but our china is on the dining room floor (hello, baby gates!), the pictures are scattered throughout the living room, and Brad's bedroom...

...the problem with Brad's bedroom is that he doesn't have any furniture other than his bed. Anne has the crib and the changing table/dresser. Brad has a bed. And the two bookcases that were in his room went into the basement (they're cheap and from IKEA and I knew they wouldn't survive another move (and they didn't!) so they are in the basement experiencing a second life as garden tool holders). So all of his books, and toys, and clothing--EVERYTHING--is on his bed and floor. You can barely walk in his room.

And some rooms are mostly bare: we have no dining room furniture, and the fourth bedroom/bonus room is empty except for the old china cabinet (which I have now designated as a children's toy cabinet). It's pretty funny: most of the rooms look like a hurricane hit, but some rooms (including Anne's) are mostly empty!

So the game plan for tomorrow is to go to our new church, and then my aunt and cousin are coming to babysit so Doug and I can visit every Walmart, Target, and KMart in town in search of a white chest of drawers for Brad and some cheap bookcases for his room. I've been online and haven't found anything I really liked, though I do have one backup option.

I'll keep you updated!

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Lyndsey said...

I can't believe you're really living in NC now. So weird. It will not be real for me until I actually come visit which will be in approximately 3 years since I have no time off.