Sunday, December 16, 2007

House Update

I can't believe I forgot to post on the 12th! We're officially homeowners!!!!! This is such a huge milestone for us and it has really boosted our net worth--I'm looking forward to looking at our month end spreadsheet on the 1st of January!

The painting is going well, and we have carpet people and cleaners coming next week. The sellers repaired everything we asked them to repair, and we're just so ready to be in NC.

This is our last full week in Maryland; on Friday we leave for a Christmas in New York, and when we return we pack and leave the very next day.

Doug has been the one doing the long distance commuting for the past few months; in January I will be the one working in MD during the week and going home to NC on the weekends. I'm really not looking forward to that at all (dreading it, actually), but it can't be helped. I think I'm in denial--I need to purchase or procure an air mattress for myself, but I haven't done that yet. And one of my colleagues has offered to let me stay at her place during the week and I haven't followed up on that either--I think if I I don't think about it, it won't happen! Sigh. I need to get going on those things.

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