Sunday, December 09, 2007

Family Weekend

Brad LOVES his new coat and hat and "glubs."

And Anne is walking with the little walker thing (I have no idea what it's called!)!! She walks everywhere with it and is so happy, laughing all the way. She will be walking before we know it. I guess this means I need to get her some shoes...

Doug left today to go to North Carolina to....CLOSE ON OUR HOUSE!!! Not that we're excited or anything. He meets the real estate agent at 8am Wednesday for a walk-through and then they head over to the lawyer's office at 9am for closing. I'm not going because we didn't want to take the kids and have me take time off from work when I'm in the middle of a job search (still trying to find my replacement, no luck so far, and hopes grow dim as Christmas approaches... :( ) .

Anyway, the real estate agent was going to charge $150 for a power of attorney! Thankfully, one of my co-workers is a lawyer, and she looked over the one I found online and made a few changes, but pronounced it acceptable. Even she was shocked that they wanted to charge $150 for a document that was less than one page long! And another co-worker is a notary, so I was all set with that.

At any rate, we will be homeowners on Wednesday! Very exciting! And the movers are all set to pack us up (best move ever, when someone else does the packing) on the 27th, which will be our last night here. Less than three weeks, and we'll be in NC!

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Mom said...

Ohhhhh!! They are both just too cute!! Anne looks like she's been doing that forever! Wouldn't it be nice if she was walking at Christmas??? : )