Monday, December 03, 2007

Cutie Pie

Thanks for the dress, Grandma!

Bad news...we don't have a candidate for my job after all, so we're back to square one. Please pray that I find someone quickly so I can join my family in North Carolina. And please pray that I can find a job in NC!

Funny news...Brad has decided that he wants a water tower for his train set. And that's all he talks about (they have one at Barnes & Noble). They are about $20, but I'm not going to rush out and buy something just because he wants it. We've instead been talking about looking at our money and seeing if we want to spend our money on that--hey, it's never too young to try and impart some fiscal responsibility. Anyway, this morning this is what our conversation was like:

"Mama, can we get a water tower? I want to get dressed and go buy one. Can we buy one?"

"We'll see. They cost money and we need to think about it. We can't just go buy things because we want them. We need to think about the money."

"I think we can go buy one today. Can we get a water tower? A red water tower?"

"Not right now. We'll see."

"Did you just say yes?"

The kid has a one track mind (don't worry, we've decided to get him one for Christmas).

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Uncle Rick said...

And it only gets worse the older they get
Have fun