Saturday, December 01, 2007

Bad Blogger

Okay, okay, I am officially a bad blogger. But I have a good excuse! Over the past week and a half, we've chosen a painter and paint, carpet and carpet installer, had the house inspected and asked the sellers to fix everything, and received their agreement (yay!), chosen a mover, set a move date, set up utilities, had Christmas pictures taken (Anne wore the dress above in the pictures...a little hint of what you'll be receiving!), signed a homeowner's insurance policy, completed all of the financing papers, made airline reservations, hotel reservations, secured childcare for December....let's see, what else?

Oh, I can't believe I forgot: we sold the Maxima! For a paltry sum (that's another story, more of a rant). But we now have a bit more money for our house down payment and one less car, which means our insurance/gas costs will go down, which makes me very happy. And they'll probably go down even further when we leave MD.

I also found someone who is a really great candidate to take my job! I'm so thrilled--now I can stop worrying about that and focus on finding a new job in North Carolina...wait, now I have something new to worry about!

I also need to get our cell phones switched over to a new area code, and T-Mobile probably doesn't have service where we will live, which makes me very sad. They are the least evil of the cell phone companies and have great customer service. If I do switch, though, I will definitely go with Sprint, but only because they have a special hotline for Consumerist readers (if you don't read the Consumerist, you must start!). So if anything goes wrong, I have a lifeline.

I think that's it with the updates...remind me to post the Tale of the Cursed Pictures--you're going to want to hear about that.

If you've made it this far, here's one more pic for you:

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Mom said...

I'm tellin' ya - I have no idea how Noah can fit himself in the places he does!