Saturday, December 29, 2007

Anne's Birthday

Anne turned one yesterday! I am such a bad mother: I completely forgot it was her birthday until my mother called at 3pm to say happy birthday (thanks, Mom!). Hey--I was busy moving from MD to NC--give me a break!

These pictures were taken in Aunt Lyndsey's very nice apartment while we were in NY celebrating Christmas. Anne made a nice mess for Aunt Lyndsey.

She's a little tired, and doesn't really care that we're all singing.

Ah, but wait! Here is a bright shiny thing that is moving all around. Let me try to grab it!

Daddy presented Anne with Grandma Ludovici's famous homemade chocolate cake.

She liked it so much she went for the rest of the cake. I won't show you the resulting pictures. Let's just say that Grandma turned her face away from the destruction and that there was carpet cleaning and vacuuming involved.

P.S. Thanks to Grandma for supplying the pictures!

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Mom said...

And Doug is the best carpet cleaner in the East!! : )