Thursday, November 22, 2007

We're now upstairs, in what will be Brad's room. The paladian window you saw on the front of the house is actually his bedroom window. The upstairs is going to need the most work. We're going to remove the wall paper here, and paint the entire upstairs, including doors. I'm thinking blue for Brad's room, and I have the shade I want in my mind, but I can't describe it. But it's going to be nice.

This will be Anne's room, which I'm going to paint green, and again, I know the shade that I want. I plan on accenting the green with a purple flowery motif. So it won't be a sickly sweet pink girly room--it's going to be a delicate, feminine green/purple foresty room. The blinds in this room need to be replaced as well. One of my other favorite features of the house: this fan!

This is the master bedroom, which looks small, but is actually a nice size. We'll paint in here as well.
And these are the doors to the master bath....wait 'til you see that!

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