Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Brad did really well during his MRI today. He was actually pretty wound up and wild when we arrived at JHU. Thankfully, they got us in fairly quickly. And this year they had him lay down on the stretcher while the medicine was being administered, which was a much better idea than having me hold him, which is what happened last year. He was pretty restless as he dropped off, and it was a good thing he was laying down.

When he woke up he was hungry, and then promptly fell asleep again while I drove around really awful parts of Baltimore, completely lost, until Doug came to my rescue from NC with Google maps (thank you Doug, and thank you, Google!). He was pretty out of this afternoon, too. I tried to keep an eye on him and didn't let him walk around much, because he couldn't walk that well, but he still managed to fall off of the couch.

Doug is taking him back up on the 27th to meet with the neurosurgeon for the results.

Pictured above is Brad is his new jammies from Nana and Papa Frank. He LOVES these pajamas, and requests them every night. He's always sad when they're in the wash. I always ask people to buy bigger clothes than he needs, so he can wear them a long time, and these pjs are a little big--he walks around the house holding his pants up with his hands, and every few minutes he'll come up to me and say, Mama, my pants fell down! As if he's totally surprised and they didn't just fall down five minutes ago. He is absolutely hilarious in them!

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