Monday, November 05, 2007

Three year pics

We're portrait club members at JC Penney, so that's where we usually get our pictures taken, but yesterday I left my coupons at home and sometimes they give out coupons, but they would not do that yesterday. And the line was a mile long, and we had some trouble with them in the past...I don't want to get into it right here.

So we ended up at the Picture People and paid a fortune for 8 5 x 7s ($76!!!!!). I really wanted 8 x 10s, but every time they tried to blow them up to 8 x 10, the picture was blurry. (which is why we don't usually go to the picture people, either: another long wait, and terrible prints--beautiful poses, but terrible prints--I had a bad experience with them when Brad was a newborn and swore never to return....I broke my word, and have re-learned my lesson. We won't be going back again). I need to re-think this whole picture thing for the long term--either you get terrible poses and cheap, good-looking prints at JC Penney, or you get fantastic poses and expensive, awful prints at the Picture People. I think it's time to find a good professional photographer.

At any rate, I headed home with 8 5 x 7s, and I've scanned them in and determined that the dpi is entirely sufficient to print 8 x 10s, so I've concluded that the problem is their software/printer, and I've ordered 8 x 10s from Snapfish. So, having said all that, here are the first two pics. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see the next two, and believe me, you'll want to see tomorrow's.

Don't worry, I'll be mailing pictures to everyone who received pictures of Anne.

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Jacki said...

He's a cutie! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog last week during the giveaway!