Thursday, November 22, 2007

This is the kitchen, which didn't look so great in the photographs on the realtor's website. Those cabinets are new, and include a lazy Susan, which I really like, and the counter tops are just lovely. This is our realtor, Debbie Braxton, with FM Realty.
You can see here the tile back splash, which is throughout the kitchen, and the very nice refrigerator. We'll probably need to replace the stove in a few years. The dishwasher is new. The white door leads to a good sized pantry. There's also another pantry/storage area that I didn't get a picture of--we'll have plenty of space!

This is the eating area, overlooking the back deck, and the family room to the left.
The family room has the same hardwoods (in fact, the first floor is entirely hardwoods) and crown molding, plus a working fireplace (which everyone seems to have down here). The fireplace needs a clamp to keep the damper open, and the fan lights buzz, so we'll have to fix those things.

This completes your tour of the first floor. I'm realizing that I did not take pictures of the garage or the basement! Almost no homes here have basements, and this house has one. It's partially finished, and it's where Doug's office and books will be. Plus, there are two large unfinished sections which we will probably finish in ten years. I suppose we could put a bathroom down there if we wanted to. You also walk out of the basement into the back yard, which is nice. The basement was a huge selling point for us--I'm so sorry I forgot to take pictures!

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