Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Still here...

We are supposed to be on vacation, but we have been running all over Cary getting things done. Doug is working at his office, and he had a stack of paperwork about an inch thick that needed to be filled out (which is good, because the more paperwork, the better the benefits!).

Between yesterday and today we:
Contracted on a house
Contacted three lenders and received two GFEs (still waiting on the third)
Contacted two insurance brokers and received estimates
Picked an insurance broker
Called two movers for estimates (need to call one more)
Visited seven preschools and called a bunch more
Tentatively decided on a preschool
Filled out a mountain of paperwork for Doug's new job
Filled out a mountain of paperwork for our realtor
Filled out a mountain of paperwork for the finance guys

Tomorrow we will:
Visit one more school
Select a school
Go to our home inspection (and take pictures) and make of list of what we want fixed/painted
Post pictures to our blog (so stay tuned!)
Start getting estimates for someone to paint/carpet/do anything else
Lock on a loan
Go to dinner to celebrate our 4th anniversary!

Please pray for me: I still need to hire someone for my job and I'm having a hard time of it...I'm just not getting a lot of resumes to choose from. And if you are in the DC area and know of anyone that is a good accounting/office manager, send them my way!

Here's a pic of our babies, whom we miss:

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