Thursday, November 22, 2007

Other Stuff

Not only did we find a wonderful house, which, by the way, was lived in by one family for 15 years. And they did a marvelous job of keeping it up--everything is new within the past three years or so.

But we also checked out lots of schools. I am not thrilled at all with our base school, in fact, I know our children won't be going there. Our base year-round school is better, but the principal has not been good, and over the past three years test scores have declined and parents have been unhappy. However, we have three more years until Brad will start kindergarten, and a lot can happen in the WCPSS in three years. And--a very big and--the schools here are excellent and fluid. You can pretty much decide where you want your child to go, and the schools here are SO much better than the DC area. In DC we would have either had to send the kids to a poor public school, or break the bank with private school tuition. We really like the school options here.

Anyway, the best thing about our year-round school (and I am so thrilled that they offer year-round schools) is that it is right across the street from Doug's office! How wonderful is that? He can stop in for the class play if he wanted to! Which should tell you about the distance from our house to the school/his office: it's not far at all. He'll have, on a very bad day, a 15 minute commute.

We also found an excellent pre-school and I need to confirm our enrollment for January tomorrow. I toured a billion facilities, and this one is 20 minutes away from our home, by far the furthest away, but it's really the best one. So we'll be paying a small fortune for the privilege of sending our children there, but it's only for three years for Brad, tuition decreases every year as the kids get older, and I will have complete peace of mind, knowing this is an excellent school.

So the pre-school is 20 minutes away from our house, Doug's office and the elementary school are about 10 minutes away, and I really hope to find a job that is not much further than that. I am thrilled to death to be giving up the Washington commute--what a waste of time. I spend 2 1/2 hours (at least!) on the road each day--that's 2 1/2 hours that I can now spend with my family. Are we excited? No, not at all!

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