Thursday, November 22, 2007

The children's bath, which we will obviously be painting. The shower handle leaks, so we'll need to have a plumber fix that. And eventually, a few years down the road, we'll have the floor and sink replaced (floor is vinyl and I'm not keen on the sink). The toilet is an eco-flush....our inspector was impressed by that. There's also a solar panel on the roof.

And this is the infamous 4th bedroom/bonus room/home theater. We will be painting and replacing the carpet in here. There is another window on the other side of the room, so it should be nice and bright when we get done with it. I'm not sure what this room will be...probably a guest room?

The laundry room (with Maytag appliances) is off the bonus room.

And this is a little closet off the bonus room, which I think they're using as their server room. We'll probably use it as a closet. What's behind the door, you ask?

Lots of attic space! So, for those of you keeping track, we have attic space and basement space: a rare find here in NC.

So, this concludes the tour of the new Baker Family abode. Our checklist before move in day is:
Repair fan light buzzing in family room
Get clamp for fireplace
Fix leaking in upstairs bath
Remove wallpaper in Brad's room (and stickers from ceiling)
Paint entire upstairs (including doors)
Replace Anne's blinds
Carpet the bonus room
Fix stairs to basement (they squeak terribly)
Carpet said stairs

And that's it! Very minor things and we'll be able to move in very quickly. We're thrilled to death to find this house and VERY excited about moving in.

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Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

What a GREAT house!!! I love it and the kids are going to have a blast on that swingset and culdsack. The kitchen wow but that tub with the window I am very jelous. Congratulations.