Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We interrupt this bulletin for breaking news!

Anne has her first hairbows! I found six of them on eBay. The woman I bought them from also runs an Etsy shop, but you can get them cheaper by bidding on them. She sells them for $6.99 if you don't bid, but I got them for $3.99. There are six, and I got to choose the colors. You'll see all of them in the coming weeks, I'm sure. They are absolutely adorable, and just perfect for Anne's hair. I LOVE having a girl!!!!

Plus, I feel good knowing that these are cheap, home-made, and are purchased from a mom at home with her kids--I like knowing that I'm supporting that. You should definitely check out Etsy shops if you're looking for really cute stuff and want to support moms who want to be with their kids but need some extra money. Anyway, here's Anne, modeling light blue polka-dots!


Lyndsey said...

cutest picture I have EVER seen!!!

Grama said...

She is SO cute!!

Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

I really love the boy! Its such a little girl thing.