Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Okay, this is a rant.

Stupid Johns Hopkins (sorry, honey). They send you a letter saying that "enclosed are..." lots of materials. Said materials are not, in fact, enclosed. When you try to call them to get said materials, you get transferred from MRI to Radiology to the ER to the doctor back to MRI, and finally back to the doctor's office, who says: "Oh, I just talked with Radiology and it turns out they don't enclose forms x,y, and z anymore, you fill them out when you arrive, but I will send you forms a, b, and c." Then why does the letter say the forms will be enclosed if they aren't???

AND, I just found out that we are not seeing the doctor the same day as the MRI--they don't do MRIs on the days he is in the office anymore. So the good news is that it will be a shorter day for me alone, the bad news is that I have to take ANOTHER day off of work to go back up to Baltimore in the middle of the day (and naptime, I might add) for a 15-minute follow up appointment.

Not. happy. at. all.

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